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Back To School Special

Don’t leave your students in the dark

Updating or upgrading the lighting in your home makes for a better studying environment. Increased light will help your student stay focused.

Special - Back To School 2017

Because lighting profoundly affects numerous levels of human functioning such as vision, circadian rhythms, mood, and cognition, its implicit effects on learning and classroom achievement cannot be dismissed. Several studies have addressed how the quality and color of lighting can either impair or enhance students’ visual skills and, thus, academic performance. Winterbottom & Wilkins (2009) suggested that certain features of lighting can cause discomfort and impair visual and cognitive performance. (Winterbottom & Wilkins, 2009, p. 8)

Mention our Back To School Special or complete the form below for:

  • 10% OFF Any Lighting Installation or Upgrade of $250 or more
  • 15% OFF Any Lighting Installation or Upgrade of $1,000.00 or more

Discounts only valid on lighting invoice line items. Cannot be combined with any other offers.
Must schedule work to be completed before September 30, 2017.

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If you can’t decide on fixtures, we recommend recessed can lighting because it works in any room and with all design styles.

  • Customizable to your room and available space
  • Great for high and low ceilings alike. Even vaulted ceilings
  • Basic LED trim is included with recessed can light installation
  • Dimmable options available, customize your studying environment
  • Works in all rooms. From the kitchen to the bedroom. Even bathrooms!

Our technicians can recommend the best options for your space, including the optimum number of fixtures based upon the rooms size. Unlike some other companies, we carefully measure and lay out your recessed fixtures to fit your needs and to create a visually appealing layout.