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    We Install EV Chargers in Denver and surrounding cities!

    EV’s or electric vehicles are fast becoming some of the most popular vehicle options for car buyers, however, most homes are not set up for EV charging. Most EV charging outlets should be a 30-60 amp, 240v outlet installed on a dedicated circuit to ensure safe and optimal charging. Some EV’s can be charged on a 120v outlet, which is a standard 15 or 20 amp outlet, but the vehicle will charge very slowly on these outlets so they are not always the most efficient option. A full charge on a 15 or 20 amp outlet can take up to 24 hours for some vehicles!

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    Home Electric Car Charger Installation Process

    EV chargers require a 30, 40, 50 or 60 amp outlet for proper charging which is a large load to add into most homes. It is important once you make the decision to purchase an electrical vehicle that you reach out to your electrician for a quote, preferably before you pick up the vehicle so that the electrical will be ready when you bring it home. Just be sure you know what your charging needs and requirements are when you call for installation.

    • Our electricians will come out and verify that your electrical panel can handle the additional load from the charging outlet.
    • They will also look at the distance from your panel to the desired location for your outlet to let you know what your options and costs to add the necessary power will be.
    Home Electric Car Charging

    How long will it take to install my EV Charger?

    Most installs can be completed within the span of a day, some taking just a few hours and others taking a full day or longer. The time and cost necessary for an EV charger installation cannot be determined without an onsite visit and evaluation by one of our licensed electricians.

    Is Your Home Ready for an Electric Car Charger

    It is important to verify that your home can handle the additional power load from a 30-60 amp outlet. APower electricians can perform a load calculation on the current power usage in your home to verify that a 30-60 amp dedicated circuit can be installed in your home. This dedicated circuit will ensure that your EV is charged correctly and sufficiently to get you where you need to go. Based upon the brand of your electric car, there may be a specific amperage or type of outlet that is recommended for installation. Different manufacturers may require or suggest outlets that are 30 amps, 40 amps, 50 amps or 60 amps. Verify with the vehicle manufacturer or vehicle owner’s manual what, amperage outlet is required to optimally charge your electric vehicle. Some EV manufacturers will suggest installing their own branded charging outlet or station in your home. These are still typically required to be installed by a licensed electrician or will need to be plugged into the appropriate 240v power outlet. At this time these are sold only to vehicle owners, so be sure to ask your car salesperson about your options and how to purchase.

    Electric Vehicle Car Charger Models We Install

    Whether you need power to charge your electric cars, here at APower Electric we want to make sure you have power for the road ahead. Here are the Brands that we have installed car chargers for.

    Car Charger Makes and Models

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