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Electrician Denver CO

The largest city in Colorado, Denver boasts nearly 70,000 more residents than the entire state of Wyoming. With more than 635,000 people living in an area less than 154 square miles, crime is one of Denver’s ongoing challenges. In 2013, out of a survey of 350 U.S metropolitan areas, Denver had the 134th highest crime rate, and according to a recent Huffington Post article, crime rates all across the U.S. are rising for the first time in nearly 20 years. One of the cheapest and most effective crime deterrents that most security experts recommend to homeowners and businesses is installing adequate lighting. There a number of outdoor lighting options that homeowners and businesses can install to help deter crime, each offering a different level of security depending on your needs.

Decorative Lighting

For those looking to increase security around their home or business without negatively impacting their building’s appearance, decorative landscape lighting is one solution. Designed to highlight the landscaping and architectural features of homes and businesses, this type of lighting is used primarily to enhance the nighttime appearance of a home, building or space. While decorative outdoor lighting doesn’t provide as much security as other forms of outdoor lighting, it interferes the least with your existing decor.

Utility Lighting

Electrician Denver - LightingOne of the largest and most common categories of outdoor lighting is utility lighting. Utility lights are designed to flood an area with light so individuals can see more clearly. A few examples of outdoor utility lighting include:

  • Street lights
  • Porch lights
  • Overhead lighting at gas pumps
  • Sidewalk and stairway lights
  • Parking lot and parking garage lights
  • Ball field and stadium lights

Although utility lighting was not specifically designed to provide added security, because they often fill an area with light criminals will typically steer clear of areas with ample utility lighting. In some cases, utility lights are left on all night such as in the case of parking lots or street lights. This provides more security, but also consumes much more energy and contributes to light pollution. Utility lights that are turned off when they aren’t needed, such as in the case of porch lights or stadium lights, usually to save energy; however, they only provide added security when they are on.

Security Lighting

Much like utility lights, security lights are designed to flood an area with light. The major difference between utility lights and security lights, however, is that security lights are able to turn themselves on and off when they sense a possible intruder. Connected to a special sensor that can detect motion, security lights are usually positioned towards areas around a home or business that are the most susceptible to criminal activity. When the security light’s motion detector senses the intruder, it turns the security lighting on, in most cases causing the criminal to flee. Security lights provide the best protection while consuming the least amount of power.

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