In-Floor Heat: A Great Choice For Home Comfort

September 26, 2018

The Benefits of Installing In-Floor Heating In Your Home

Your Electrician Can Help Keep Your Toes Warm This Winter

This time of year, as summer gives way to autumn, Denver-area homeowners are still enjoying warm days and refreshingly-cool evenings.  The deep cold of winter might not be top-of-mind.

But let’s face it: Old Man Winter is right around the corner, waiting to freeze the ground, chill the air, and generally bring the kind of weather that’s great for skiers… but not so great for your heating bill.

Coincidentally, many of your Colorado neighbors are also doing a little remodeling this time of year – sprucing up homes to sell during the busy fall real estate season, or just getting things ready for a festive holiday season with family and friends.

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or installing new flooring throughout your home, you might think about the approach of winter… and consider installing radiant electrical heating under your home’s floors.

One call to your qualified local electrical company can get you an estimate on what it would take to make your home’s floors warm all winter long.  

Installation of in-floor heating might be more affordable than you imagine (especially if you’re already replacing the flooring)… and between savings on your energy bill and increased property value, over time, the system might well pay for itself.

In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems: How They Work

Electrical matting is layered between your sub-floor and your floor’s surface materials (often, ceramic tile).  Everything is connected to your thermostat, and in most cases, the in-floor heat works automatically.

You set the temperature, just like you would with your HVAC comfort system… you can run the in-floor heat around the clock, or just for a limited portion of each day.

There are places in your home where people tend to walk with bare feet.  Think of the early-morning trip to the kitchen to make coffee… visits to the bathroom… the laundry room… hallways… even the family room, where the kids might spend time playing on the floor.

Imagine the delight of everyone in the family (and your visitors) when they step onto surfaces that defy the winter chill!

Warm Floors Are An Affordable “Luxury”

You’ll have to invest some money in the initial installation… but with the technological advances that have been made in these systems, it’s not uncommon for a heated floor to be operated for less than a dollar a day.  And that’s when it runs around the clock.

Here’s more good news for your budget: In many cases, the radiant heat from your electrical in-floor system can actually warm the entire room.  That means less work for your HVAC system… and a lower overall energy bill.

In some cases, radiant in-floor heat might be the clear choice for bringing winter comfort to your indoor living space.  For instance, if your autumn remodeling includes the addition of a new room or two to your home, it might be much more cost-effective to install in-floor heating than to try to extend the HVAC system into the new space.

When you think of the extra cost winter temperatures can add to your heating bill, the savings you could reap from an in-floor heating system should give you a warm feeling.

And if that thought doesn’t sufficiently warm your heart, imagine this: You could take the concept outside, too, and have a heating system installed under your driveway and outdoor walkways.  

While you’re talking to your electrician about in-floor heating, ask about a heated driveway system.  You might be able to trade in your snow shovel for the convenience of flipping a switch in the garage, keeping the Colorado snow from accumulating on your outdoor surfaces in the first place!

And it might be within your reach, depending on your autumn remodeling budget.

Don’t get cold feet.  Talk to your qualified local electrician today about radiant in-floor heating.  It’s the one step you can take this autumn to make sure every step your family takes this winter is a warm one.

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