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August 22, 2018

Upgrading You Home’s Electrical System Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether You’re Selling or Staying, an Electrical Upgrade Is Smart

You make an appointment with a highly-regarded real estate agent.  He’s going to drop by, take a look at your house, and make recommendations on how to prepare the home to maximize its value for sale.

You have a few ideas of your own…

  • A little remodeling.  Nothing too elaborate or costly, just enough to open up the floor plan a bit and give the home’s layout a more modern appeal.
  • A little landscaping.  Again, just a tree trimming here and there, and maybe a bit of sprucing-up in the flower gardens.
  • And a little repair work.  You figure you don’t need much… replace one piece of the vinyl siding that’s come loose, maybe a coat of paint on some of the exterior trim for added “curb appeal”… and, of course, you need to replace that bathroom light fixture that “fizzes” a little when you flip the switch to turn it on.

Your initial visit with the real estate agent is pleasant, and informative.  He thinks he can get you a good price for the house.

You tell him about your plans for remodeling, landscaping, and repair.

He walks around, turns lights off and on, and looks at the electrical panel in the garage (you tell him it’s “original equipment,” installed when the house was built several years ago, and still fighting like a champ).

Then he suggests you start by calling an electrician, before you do anything else.

“Not only will your outdated electrical system cost you much more in selling price than it would take to upgrade it,” he says, “I’m not sure you can pass an inspection or get the sale at all until you do that upgrade.”

Call Your Local Qualified Electrical Pro

This is not an unusual situation… and certainly not a problem that can’t be overcome.

Maybe, in a way, you saw this coming.  Maybe, in the back of your mind, you sensed you’d need more than a single new light fixture to get the home ready for sale.

Remember when your daughter mentioned that her computer usually “shocks” her when she turns it on – giving her the sort of little “zap” you get from static electricity?

Your spouse has reported a dull hum coming from the wall in the laundry room, too… you thought it was just the plumbing, doing its job… but it sounds more “electrical” when you listen closely.

And when you read an interesting article about old-style electrical wiring creating “EMF” problems – electro-magnetic fields that can actually make you sick – you thought you might’ve found the reason you’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately.

You Could Use Better – And More – Power

Your next appointment is with your local professional electrician.  He does a thorough inspection and evaluation, and he tells you it’s time to bring the house into the twenty-first century.

Your home’s electrical system only has about a 100-amp power capacity, he tells you, and that’s not enough to power the kind of “toys” people use these days – everything from fancy entertainment systems to high-powered computers.

You need about twice that capacity.

(Suddenly, you get an idea about why the breaker keeps “tripping” when you use your new hot tub.)

That “original” electrical panel is also in sore need of updating.  In fact… it might be dangerous!

And you also do need better wiring, designed to carry the increased load without causing dangerous EMFs in the house.  Since you’ll be doing some remodeling – opening up some walls – now is a good time to get that wiring up-to-date (and up to code).

Your electrician says he’ll get right on it!

Upgrading your home’s electrical system is a “powerful” investment.  Whether you’re preparing your house for sale, or planning to enjoy it yourself for years to come, have your qualified electrician inspect your system and make recommendations.  Nothing can create a faster, stronger improvement in your home’s safety, comfort, and value than a thorough update of your electrical system.

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