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Although Colorado is only ranked 18th in the U.S. when it comes to the number of lightning strikes that occur each year, it is 3rd in when it comes to the number of lightning fatalities. Castle Rock is by far one of the most lightning prone areas in the greater Denver Metro Area with nearly 11,000 cloud to ground lightning strikes each year, ten times that of Denver, according to data collected by the National Weather Service. Not only can these lightning strikes cause severe injuries or death, they can also spark forest fires, and cause untold damage to power lines, trees, homes and businesses.

Power Surges and the Need for Protection

Power surges are spikes in the electric current in your home or business’s electric service. Power surges originate from a variety of sources including power grid issues or the cycling on and off of power hungry equipment, though lightning strikes are by far the most damaging. Not only can they destroy appliances and electronics, they can also damage household wiring hidden behind walls. Even small power surges can cause damage over time and are far more common than most realize. In fact, a study conducted by IBM found that more than 128 power surges occur each month in the U.S. and that at least one large power surge of 100 volts or more occurred at least once a day.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average residential lightning strike insurance claim rose more than 142% between 2004 and 2012 due an increase in the number of severe storms across the country. In addition, power surges as a result of lightning strikes cost U.S. businesses nearly $26 billion in lost productivity due to equipment repair and replacement. Whether you own a home or business in Castle Rock, the team at [apower] has a surge protection solution for you.

Residential Surge Protection

In order to protect your home from damaging and potentially dangerous power surges, master electrician and owner of [apower], John Oxford stresses the importance of a two-tiered surge protection system. The first tier of protection consists of a surge protection unit installed at your electric panel. This unit monitors the flow of current to your home and interrupts this flow when it detects a power surge. As a second tier of protection, John recommends homeowners use high quality plug-in surge protection devices, such as a power strip on each individual outlet. These devices will help catch any minor power surges not caught by the main surge protection unit.

Commercial Surge Protection

For commercial and industrial applications, often a more substantial form of surge protection known as a Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) is required. Although a TVSS works much like a home surge protection unit does, it is often much faster than your traditional surge protector and provides much greater protection. In fact, one particular type of TVSS provides so much protection against power surges it has become known as the “lightning Arrester,” claiming it can provide the ultimate protection against even the most powerful power surges. While this level of power surge protection comes at a price, when compared to the costs of lost productivity and equipment damage that result from power surges it is a very prudent investment.

APower has been ensuring the electric service in homes and businesses in Castle Rock and all across the Front Range are safe and reliable for more than 8 years. Our team of electricians are not only fully licensed and insured, but are also courteous, respectful and extremely knowledgeable. Whether you are looking to install surge protection for your home or business, expanding or upgrading your current electric service or need help troubleshooting problems with your electric service the APower team has you covered. If your home, your family or your business is important to you, contact APower today and let us help you protect them.

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