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    Electrical needs go beyond just about getting power into your home or business. It also involves energy efficiency, safety, utility and aesthetics.

    Our team of licensed electrical contractors don’t just identify and repair electrical issues. We specialize in commercial lighting and systems, residential code compliance, inspections, safety checks, electrical upgrades and more.

    We handle everything from start to finish, including any necessary permits to perform work.

    Electrical Services we perform in Centennial, Colorado

    Electrical Repairs

    Electric Panel Upgrades

    Electrical Remodels


    Indoor Lighting

    Centennial Electrician Services

    At APower, we make sure all these things stay on track by providing high-quality service and high-impact electrical solutions for your home and business.

    Servicing the greater Centennial, CO area, APower is comprised of trained and licensed electricians who have years of experience under their belt. Our skilled experts can perform a range of electrical jobs – big or small, complex or straightforward.

    We can cut your energy costs without cutting corners. Our decades-long experience has built up trust by focusing on two things – professionalism and quality.

    APower offers a wide range of services to keep your home safe and your business working smoothly.

    Electrical Repair and Replacement

    All electrical systems experience normal wear-and-tear with regular use, and from natural degradation of materials as it ages. If you’re experiencing overheating, a sudden spike in electricity bills, short-circuit, a failing connection, or other issues, then consider these as early warning signs.

    Routine inspections, repair and replacement make sure everything stays in top working order.

    For the safety of your home or business, contact us for an electrical inspection, repair and replacement.

    Diagnostics and Repairs

    At APower, our licensed team of electricians are experienced in diagnosing underlying problems and providing affordable solutions.

    Get in touch with a team dedicated and equipped to solve the most complex electrical issues –
    with minimal to no disruption in your home or business.

    Energy Efficiency and Audits

    Cutting costs in an environmental-friendly way is a growing concern for residents and businesses alike. With projected increases in energy costs, we can help you reduce expenses without sacrificing the usability and functionality of your space.

    Benefit from APower’s green energy solutions and audits. Slash your electricity bills while protecting the environment.

    Safety and Security Checks

    Electrical issues are some of the most common causes of residential fires, causing nearly 6% of all household fires, nearly 24,000 every year. Commercial establishments recorded even higher numbers.

    Don’t fall victim to a preventable disaster. With on-site safety inspections from our team, you’ll know what steps to take in avoiding fire hazards.

    Make the most of APower’s safety solutions:

    • Updated electrical panels

    • Wiring repair or replacement

    • Surge protection

    • Upgraded smoke alarms

    • Ground fault protection

    • Updating systems to comply with codes

    • Safety Inspections

    Lighting Upgrades and Installation

    The right lighting can offer an excellent blend of function and aesthetics. It can define the overall ambience in your home and office without sacrificing performance and usability.

    Transform your home or business into an inviting space with the ideal lighting setup and solutions. Create an ambience of warm and inviting, or upbeat and energizing with our lighting upgrades and installation services.

    Maintenance and Upkeep

    Electric systems are complicated, but our team at APower can help you with regular maintenance and upkeep, without the hassle. Gain expert advice for preventative maintenance and learn how proper upkeep will save time in the long run.

    Electrical Updates and Installation

    Electrical updates enable you to redesign and upgrade to fit today’s needs. Installing updated wiring systems will save energy costs, improve building performance, and increase the value of the property.

    With electrical updates and installation, you can:

    • Ensure up-to-date and up-to-code systems and wiring

    • Elevate the value of your property

    • Increase energy efficiency and cut utility costs

    • Expand the electrical capacity of your property

    • Increase access points like plugs and switches, improving your space’s usability

    Our experts and licensed team of electricians are up-to-date and equipped with the latest trends, innovations, best practices, codes and systems in Centennial, CO.

    Service Panel Updates

    Your electrical panel is at the core of your property’s power and energy systems. Keeping an updated panel not just keeps your space safer, it also allows more electrical capacity.

    Reap the following benefits with an updated electrical panel:

    • Enjoy additional power and run more appliances all at once

    • Safely change your electrical system when you remodel your house or create new spaces

    • Prevent poor performance or power failure when you stay on top of wear-and-tear and aging components

    • Ensure you have updated electrical codes implemented in Centennial as they change through time

    When it comes to service panel updates and replacement, leave it to the experts! APower’s licensed electricians and experienced professionals will handle everything panel-related for you!

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