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Live or work in Glendale, Colorado? If so, then you are a member of a rather exclusive group. With a population slightly over 4,000 people, all living within an area of 0.6 square miles, Glendale is one of the smallest suburbs in the Greater Denver Metro Area. Despite its size, Glendale is also one of the most vibrant Denver suburbs due to several distinct differences.

Due to its small size, Glendale is almost exclusively a residential community rather than a commercial community. Also, unlike most regions in the Denver area, Glendale is almost exclusively a community of renters; over 90% of the population lives in rental properties. As a result, Glendale has a highly competitive rental property market. In order for landlords to retain good tenants, attract new tenants and earn top dollar for their rental properties, it is imperative that they keep their rental homes and apartments up-to-date. In addition to new carpet and a fresh coat of paint, many rental property experts recommend renovating kitchens and bathrooms to maximize their return on investment. Updating the lighting and electric service in the process can not only save a landlord money, it can also protect a landlord’s investment and save lives.


Ask any real estate expert and odds are they will tell you kitchens are one of the most important rooms in a home or apartment. Not only are kitchens used for preparing meals and storing food, they have become multi-purpose spaces used for entertaining, dining, and even as a home office in some cases. As a result, lighting plays a crucial role in today’s modern kitchens and must be practical, adaptable and appealing without breaking a landlord’s budget. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by hiring an electrical contractor that not only specializes in residential service, but can also design and install lighting systems specifically for modern, multi-purpose kitchens.

In addition to lighting, when remodeling a kitchen it is a perfect time to upgrade the kitchen’s electric service as well. Kitchens, like bathrooms, are one of the most dangerous rooms in the home due to the proximity of water and electrical fixtures. According to the National Electric Code (NEC), kitchens must have ground-fault circuit interrupting (GFCI) outlets. These outlets instantly cut the flow of current in the event of an electrical issue. Landlords can also replace traditional light switches with automatic motion detecting switches to help prevent accidental electrocution as a result of flipping a light switch with wet hands.


Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the other most important room in a home. As the room where many spend much of their time grooming themselves and attending to other matters, it is essential that the bathroom be an enjoyable, yet functional space. When remodeling a bathroom it is important to provide ample lighting and easily accessible power outlets for appliances such as hairdryers and electric razors.

Due to the fact that bathrooms are often one of the smaller spaces in a home, water and electrical fixtures are even closer to each other than in kitchens, so electrical safety is crucial. Enclosed ceiling lights are recommended over pendant lighting, as they provide greater electrical safety. In addition, all bathroom outlets should be replaced with GFCI outlets which are now required in all bathrooms by the NEC.

Electrical Panel

When remodeling any room in a home it is vital that the home’s electrical panel be inspected to ensure that it is adequate to handle the home’s electric service and is safe. Failure to do so can easily lead to disaster, including damage to appliances, electric service failure, electrical fire, injury and even death.

When remodeling any room in a rental property, a business or even your own home, never take the safety of your electric service for granted. At APower, our goal is to ensure your electric service is as safe and reliable as possible. Our team of highly trained, friendly, licensed and insured electricians can help you to evaluate your electric service needs, troubleshoot electrical issues, design and install lighting systems, and even evaluate your electric service to ensure it is safe. Don’t take chances with your electric service. Contact the APower team today and put our experience and commitment to electrical safety to work for you. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

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