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With more than 145,000 residents, Lakewood ranks as the fifth largest city in Colorado. Sandwiched between Denver to the east and Golden to the west, Lakewood is one of the windiest cities in the Greater Denver Metro Area due to weather affects driven by the Rocky Mountains. Although Lakewood only has an average annual wind speed of slightly over 20 miles per hour (mph), a mere 4 mph higher than the average for the entire U.S., June and September are especially windy months with average sustained wind speeds as high as 40 mph and wind gusts of 80 mph or more. These strong winds can cause considerable damage to property, trees and structures, as well as the power lines and power stations essential to delivering power to your home our business. If you live or work in Lakewood, there are a few ways you can protect your home or business from the harmful power surges and inconvenient power failures caused by these powerful winds.

Surge Protection

Power surges are spikes in the electrical current in your electric service. Power surges are caused by a number of different factors, including lightning strikes, short circuited or arcing power lines and even cycling appliances or machinery. Traveling at the speed of light, these spikes can vary in strength and intensity. Regardless of whether they are large or small, each power surge causes damage to your electric service and anything plugged into it. To help protect your home or business, [apower] recommends installing a two stage power surge protection system.

The first stage is connected directly to the electric panel of your home or business and is designed to act as your electric service’s main line of defense against harmful power surges. The second stage of this surge protection system includes surge protection outlets and power strips to protect appliances and devices from any power surges not fully filtered by the main surge protection unit. Together these two stages of surge protection can help to protect your electric service and any devices, machinery or appliances that are connected, no matter if the power surge originated outside or inside your home or business.

Backup Generator

Weather and climate experts warn that global warming is helping to fuel more extreme weather patterns and storms. As a result, weather-related power outages are becoming more frequent and more costly. According to one White House report, these weather related power outages are costing the U.S. economy as much as $33 billion per year and is expected to increase to as much as $75 billion or more if these severe weather patterns continue. Businesses and residents of Lakewood have been hit especially hard in recent years by hailstorms, floods and strong winds.

To help protect your Lakewood home or business from weather related power outages, the [apower] team recommends investing in a backup generator system. Ranging from small home air conditioner sized units designed to provide minimal power to semi-trailer sized generators used in industrial applications, these backup generator systems are connected directly to your electric panel. Constantly monitoring the power coming into your home or business, the backup generator system starts itself the moment it detects a power failure, providing uninterrupted power until it is restored by the utility company.

APower was founded on the belief that everyone deserves safe and reliable electric service in their home or business, and it is this belief that helps guide everything we do. Our team of fast, friendly and extraordinary electricians are fully licensed and insured, and specialize in making certain your electric service is safe, dependable and worry free. We carry a full line of surge protection and backup generator systems to suit your needs, big or small. Don’t wait until a power surge damages your electric service or a power failure costs you valuable time or money. Contact the APower team today and ask us about a surge protection or backup generator system for your home or business. We can find the system that right for you and you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your electric service is protected.

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