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Incorporated in 1890, Littleton is the fourth oldest city in the Greater Denver Metro Area. Littleton boasts a population of more than 43,000 living in an area just shy of 14 square miles and spans Arapahoe, Jefferson and Douglas counties. Littleton has a rich history dating back as far as the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859, which not only brought a flood of gold seekers to the area, but also farmers, merchants and business men hoping to find their own fortunes by providing goods and services to the prospectors. Today that entrepreneurial spirit is still alive in Littleton with roughly 7.4% of the population being self-employed compared to the national average of just 6.6%. Several of Colorado’s biggest employers including Lockheed Martin and CenturyLink are also located in Littleton, helping to make this smaller city one of Colorado’s biggest economies.

The Importance of Commercial Electric Service

No matter the size of the company, one thing that is essential to doing business in today’s world is electricity. Used to power the machinery, appliances and electronic devices that keep businesses running smoothly, ironically it is also one of the most overlooked and underappreciated resources. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty estimates that power outages alone cost U.S. businesses as much as $164 billion each year. Add to this the costs of property damage, injuries and deaths due to electrical malfunction and the importance of safe, reliable commercial electric service becomes obvious.

Hiring the Right Commercial Electrician

With the future of your business riding on your electric service, it is imperative that you don’t trust just anyone with it. Many business owners make the mistake of hiring a traditional electrician over a qualified commercial electrician in the hopes of saving money. However, all too often they find that hiring the traditional electrician actually cost them more in the long run. Certified commercial electricians have the knowledge, experience, resources and licenses needed to design, install, upgrade, expand and troubleshoot commercial electric service that traditional electricians do not. A qualified commercial electrician can typically complete commercial electric service work in a fraction of the time of a traditional electrician. They can also ensure the electrical work is done properly and according to commercial electrical codes that most traditional electricians may not be familiar. In the end, the right commercial electrician can save your business valuable time, money and mostly important can make sure your commercial electric service is safe and reliable.

As a locally owned business, APower understands the need for your business to continue running at optimum efficiency. Our team of fully licensed and insured commercial electricians have the knowledge, experience and resources needed to handle all of your commercial electric service needs, large or small. In addition, APower can help put together a commercial service contracts to fit the needs and budget of any business, large or small. Just as you wouldn’t trust just any surgeon (especially the cheapest) to perform surgery on you, don’t put your commercial electric service in the hands of anyone but the very best. Contact APower today, it’s the best business investment you’ll ever make.

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