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    As a home or business owner in Littleton, CO, you understand the importance of having a skilled and licensed electrician to handle your electrical needs.

    Commercial lighting and systems, as well as adherence to residential electric codes, require specialized training, experience and licensing. Electrical work can impact your energy costs, the efficiency of your home or business, utility bills, and even the property’s overall appeal, use and aesthetics.

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    At APower in Littleton, we understand the importance of keeping your home or business running smoothly.

    Our licensed professionals are trained to get the job done quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. Our electricians come equipped with solutions for any project, big or small, simple or complex, as well as the information and resources to help you make the best decision for you, your family and/or your business.

    We stand behind our work, guaranteeing that your project will be finished on time, on budget and done right.

    From start to finish, our electricians handle obtaining any necessary approvals, inspections, and permits needed to get the job done, and they’ll provide you with a detailed quote discussing all costs— you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees.

    Aside from identifying and repairing common electrical issues for commercial and residential customers, APower offers a broad range of valuable services to keep your business or home running smoothly.

    Electrical Repair and Replacement

    Electrical systems, like anything in life, can wear down with age or damage from regular use. Often some of the earliest signs of this wear are failing connections, overheating, increased utility bills or shorts.

    Replacing aging components and having regular inspections is a good idea to make sure everything is in top working order, and to prevent safety hazards such as a fire.

    Diagnostics and Repairs

    Our licensed electricians can handle the most complex issues without risking damage to your home, business or systems. We are experienced and trained on a wide range of applications and electrical setups, enabling us to quickly diagnose underlying issues and offer affordable solutions for repair.

    Energy Efficiency and Audits

    Inflated electrical costs shouldn’t steal your business’ profits or put a strain on your household budget. With rising costs of electricity, we have several solutions to simultaneously cut energy costs and help protect the environment for Littleton area residents.

    Safety and Security Checks

    According to the U.S. Fire Administration, electrical issues represent the cause of nearly 6.3% of all residential fires, causing more than 24,000 fires yearly. For commercial establishments, this number gets even higher.

    From home and business inspections, to surge protection and smoke detectors, we can help keep you and your property safe.

    Safety Solutions Include:

    • Updated electrical panels

    • Wiring repair or replacement

    • Surge protection

    • Upgraded smoke alarms

    • Ground fault protection

    • Updating systems to comply with codes

    • Safety Inspections

    Lighting Upgrades and Installation

    Lighting accounts for more than just utility function— aesthetics and ambience can affect your space, transforming a room into an inviting and usable area.

    We offer a wide range of lighting solutions perfect for any home or business. If your lighting is outdated or isn’t keeping up with the needs of your property, we can help.

    Maintenance and Upkeep

    Prevention is key when it comes to saving time, expenses and frustration with your electric. We can help you maintain your systems, keeping them running smoothly and avoiding potential hazards and future repairs.

    Electrical Updates and Installation

    Electrical updates are a vital part of keeping a property, home or business in good, safe working condition. Updating your electric provides you with the opportunity to re-design, orient, improve upon, update and modernize your electrical systems for home or office. 

    System Upgrades

    Our licensed electricians stay up-to-date with the latest electrical innovations, industry best practices, energy-saving technology and city codes in Littleton, CO..

    Hire electric contractors dedicated to finding the best solution for your needs and work hard to find cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of your property.

    From bringing wiring and systems up to code, to enhancing the output, an electric remodel can get the job done. Not only that, but you can also add peripherals that can improve the utility function of your home or business, making better use of spaces and facilities.

    The Importance of Electrical Upgrades for your Littleton Home

    Updating your electric system and components is important for protecting your home and ensuring everything is up to date, up to code, and in proper condition.

    • Bringing your systems and wiring up to code for inspection

    • Improving the value of your home or business

    • Reducing energy and utility costs by improving efficiency

    • Adding additional electrical capacity to meet your growing needs

    • Improving the utility function of your systems by providing more access points like plugs and switches

    • And more…

    Service Panel Updates

    Your electrical panel is the nerve center for all of the power in your home. Every breaker sits in this space, and nearly every wire comes to this point.

    Electric Panel Upgrade

    An electrical panel upgrade can make a significant difference for your home or other property. Updated panels are not only safer than outdated or overused panels, they can also safely support greater power use, enabling you to get more from your system.

    This means you can run more appliances at the same time, or support expansion efforts for a remodel, or new structure such as a garage.

    In general, panel upgrades are a cost-effective and solid investment when looking at updating your electrical systems for home or office.


    When it comes to upgrading or replacing your panel, this is a task best left to licensed professionals such as those at APower in Littleton.

    Even if you know the existing electrical system inside and out, it is still wise to have the panel both inspected and repaired or replaced by a professional.

    Why You May Want to Consider an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

    When you have an electrical panel, sooner or later it may need replacement, either due to failure, poor performance, or simply because it cannot handle your current electrical needs.

    It may become damaged somehow, electrical codes may have changed, or you may end up rewiring a substantial amount of the home.

    In any case, a panel upgrade consists of taking out the existing electrical panel and replacing it with another panel of equal or greater amp capacity. In some cases, depending upon the age of your home, you may be upgrading from a fuse box to a breaker box.

    An electrical panel upgrade is a safe way to change your property’s electrical system and ensure that it is up to code and functional. It can also be a way of upping the number of available breakers so you can run more circuits.

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