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    smart home

    Up the IQ of your home with smart home solutions from APower. Innovative technologies allow homeowners to automate important systems such as security, thermal controls, lighting, and electrical breakers. Many smart home devices also provide additional benefits such as video monitoring, energy efficiency and safety improvements over conventional devices.

    Smart Doorbell

    Smart doorbells are among the most popular smart home devices we install on a regular basis. Not only do they help to deter potential criminals, but they allow you to see who is visiting your home even when you are not there. Some devices also have audio capabilities, video recording, motion sensors, and proprietary smartphone apps. Most smart doorbells do need to be wired to the home. We have a variety to choose from and can get you up and running quickly.

    Ability to answer door remotely

    Deter criminals and unwanted visitors

    Video and photo capabilities

    Smart Security Camera

    Today’s security camera systems represent the most intuitive and technologically advanced options available to homeowners. Security systems can serve indoor or outdoor purposes with many capable of recording surveillance video and lighting dimly lit areas. Some security cameras even interface with voice command technologies such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Based on your needs, we can assist in selecting the ideal security system and installing it properly for maximum protection.

    Monitor property remotely with peace of mind

    Record video with some options storing videos to the cloud

    Some cameras work with voice command technology

    Smart Thermostat

    Smart thermostats take the guess work out controlling your home’s heating and cooling system. These wifi enabled devices intelligently heat and cool your home efficiently, while mitigating human error resulting in energy cost savings. Most smart thermostats track thermal data over time, learning when to heat and cool the home with enhanced accuracy. Smart thermostats also allow the homeowner to remotely control of the system via smartphone.

    Automatically optimizes thermal comfort

    Can be adjusted and managed from a smartphone

    Continually learns and adapts, improving energy efficiency

    Smart Home Timers

    Advancements in smart timer technology provide homeowners with numerous ways to power lighting using smartphones and apps. Automated wifi plugs, indoor and outdoor plug-in timers, and wi-fi enabled dimmer switches are available. They are easy to use and compatible with voice control technologies such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Smart timers provide an added layer of security and safety in a very intelligent way.

    Smart timers into outlets or are even integrated with light switches

    Timer settings managed by smartphone or wifi connected device

    Many compatible with voice control and AI software

    Smart Breakers

    Smart circuit breakers are one of the newest and most innovative developments in the smart home market. Smart breakers use wifi or ethernet to provide homeowners with energy consumption data at a high level, and even at a granular or per appliance level. Never has this level of visibility been possible before! Most smart breakers provide data right t your smartphone.

    Better monitor energy consumption

    Get alerts when breakers trip, and turn them off and on remotely

    Shut off or turn on power to specific appliances remotely

    With a plethora of smart home technologies on the market, it is often beneficial to create a smart home ecosystem where devices may connect and interact with one another over wifi. This allows for automated management of crucial home systems, while supplying the homeowner with a variety of useful information, video, data, and monitoring capabilities. Home automation is only going to increase in the future, resulting in a more care-free and comfortable way of life.

    Automates key home systems so you don’t have to

    Remove stress and improve comfort, cost savings, and security

    Manage devices and data directly from your smart phone

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are smart home solutions?

    A smart home solution is any upgrade you make to the electrical in your home that allows you to have remote control of those items. Anything from your panel to outlets and lighting or temperature sensors in your freezers can be upgraded as a smart home solution.

    How much does it cost to turn your house into a smart home?

    The cost to turn your home into a smart home is dependent on what exactly you are looking to control and how much control you want to have. A smart outlet can be a relatively cheap smart upgrade whereas a panel would be significantly more expensive.

    Is a smart home worth it?

    A smart home is worth it to anyone who would like to have more control of the electricity in their home. They are also a great option for people who travel or have multiple homes because they are a great way to watch over your home from afar. You can receive instant notifications of power loss, or control power to lighting and other devices to turn them on or off on a schedule or whenever you want.

    Do smart homes use more electricity?

    Smart homes can actually help you to use LESS electricity because you can use the smart solutions to make your home more energy efficient.

    Do smart lights use power when off?

    Technically, most electrical items in your home, when connected or plugged into a power source, are using some small amount of electricity. This is often referred to as vampire power and smart lights are no exception, though the miniscule amount of power drawn while the lights are off will likely amount to mere pennies yearly on your electrical bill. Anything connected to a power source in your home even when turned off is in a sort of standby mode, drawing a small amount of electricity, to ensure that when you turn those items on they will turn on instantly.

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