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    Electric Heating & Cooling

    From powering your swamp cooler and ceiling fans in the summer to heating your floors, driveways and baseboards in the cooler months, let APower electricians fit your home with complete electric heating and cooling solutions.

    Electric Heat

    Electric heat is a great option when natural gas is not an option or to more thoroughly heat a specific room of your home or business. Electric wall and baseboard heaters can be installed in any room or area that needs a more direct source of heat and can save money on your overall heating costs. An electric furnace can also be installed in place of a gas furnace in some cases.

    Ceiling Fans

    A ceiling fan is essential to keeping you cool and comfortable when warmer temperatures roll around. Better yet, ceiling fans with lights combine the benefits of both fan and fixture, in one functional and eye appealing unit. Today, ceiling fan and light combination units are available in a variety of designs to match any aesthetic, and can be remote-controlled to achieve the perfect amount of air movement and light brightness.

    Evaporative Cooler Power

    Evaporative coolers or “swamp coolers” are an ideal solution for Colorado’s dry climate. These units are generally cost effective when compared to air conditioning systems and are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly because they use water and air, rather than refrigerants. Evaporative coolers are installed on the roof or on the exterior of a building, requiring wiring connections to the electrical panel and control switch. We are committed to unrivaled attention to detail, ensuring that wire routing, high-quality materials, and roof integrity are maintained throughout the power supply installation process.

    Furnace & AC Power

    Without a suitable power supply, your gas furnace and air conditioning systems will not work at their best, if at all. As a result, you and your family are either going to be too hot or too cold. If you have an existing furnace and AC system or have replaced them as part of a remodel or new build, APower can supply the necessary electrical to these units, corresponding to a dedicated breaker in the main electrical panel.

    Humidifier & Steamer Power

    Given Colorado’s dry climate, homeowners may elect to install a humidifier or steamer system. Added air moisture can help to mitigate health issues such as dry skin, or respiratory problems as well as minimize static electricity shocks and cracking of furniture and artwork. Like any home system, humidifier and steamer systems require proper electric power supply. We can wire them so that they can be used autonomously from furnace or cooling units, and interfaced with smart home technology systems when compatible.

    Electric Water Heater Power

    There’s nothing worse than starting your morning with an ice cold shower. Having reliable power to your electric water heater is crucial to being comfortable in your home. Electric water heaters are high voltage appliances and require a dedicated circuit controlling the power source. If you are installing a new water heater, or suspect that you need to upgrade the electrical to your existing water heater, please give us a call.

    Heated Floors/ Driveways

    You’ll thank yourself for installing heated floors or a heated driveway system once the snow begins to fall. Inside your home, heated floors work to maintain comfort and are a great way to warm new rooms and additional space without extending your HVAC system. Outside, a heated driveway removes the physical strain of constant shoveling without worry of ice accumulation.

    Attic Fans

    Hot air can build up in an attic exceeding 140 degrees. An attic fan exhausts the hot air thereby cooling your home. They also help to draw in fresh air to home and building occupants. Attic fans require wiring to a circuit and can be controlled by a thermostat or a switch. They may act alone as the sole cooling method for your home, or in relief of an air conditioner or swamp cooler to remove some of the power burden from those systems promoting increased energy savings.

    Whole House Fans

    A whole house fan is most commonly used to circulate air in a home or building. This type of fan draws air in through the windows and exhausts stagnant air into the attic or through openings in the roof and/or walls. Unlike an attic fan, whole house fans are designed to cool down the actual living space of the house, not just the attic. Whole house fans may be used as a substitute for air conditioning, to alleviate hot uncomfortable conditions during summer months.

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