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    Codes & Compliance

    Our electricians are knowledgeable and trained in current electrical safety codes and guidelines. We can provide the electrical solutions to bring your home up to date and up to code.

    Codes and Compliance

    At APower you can rest assured that all services are performed by highly trained professionals in accordance with state regulations and the National Electrical Code (NEC). Our dedication to upholding and abiding by rigorous standards means we oversee all aspects of permitting, inspection, and compliance with the NEC. Our first priority is to ensure that homeowners and building occupants reside in a safe place, where they can trust the electrical systems that empower their lives. We believe that every home should have an electrical system that is up to code, and we can assist homeowners in identifying which aspects of their electrical system need work, then bring it up to code as needed. This is particularly important if you are buying a new home or property, selling a home or property, or conducting a remodel or building in a new home or structure. Whatever the scenario, we make abiding by code and complying with electrical regulations simple and easy for you.

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    Get a fast and easy quote for your electrical project today!