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    Real-Time Insight on Energy Use

    Most Denver area residents are running their homes largely blind to what appliances and electronics are utilizing the most energy. Smart panels provide homeowners with real-time information on energy use, as well as trendline data that can provide you with opportunities for reducing costs.

    Forecast Expenses

    Data provided by smart electric panels can help you better budget for fluctuations in energy use and/or dynamic changes in prices from your provider. With energy costs projected to rise by as much as 40% in some locations, this feature can help families weather the storm.

    Remotely Control Your Circuit Breaker

    Always be in control. At home or on the go, gain peace of mind knowing you have full control over your circuit breaker, with remote capabilities including the ability to remotely turn off any circuit breaker at will.

    Real-Time System Status Data

    In real-time get alerted when any circuit breaker reaches overload or requires addressing. Especially useful when using large appliances, tools, or when seasonal electric needs result in increased energy consumption. Stay informed about when load is ‘ON’ or not drawing power for an extended period of time.

    Get Alerted Any Time a Circuit Breaker Trips

    Never be left in the dark again (literally and figuratively). Your smart breaker will let you know any time a circuit trips, alerting you to potential overload, overuse, surges, and electrical failure in real-time.


    Electric represents one of the largest utility expenses faced by Denver area homeowners. Representing upwards of 40% of a home’s operational costs, taking a ‘smarter’ approach to power use can represent big savings. At APower Denver, we specialize in smart technology aimed at helping you get more for less. That all begins with the installation of a smart electrical panel and breaker.


    The heart and command center of any electrical service, your electric panel serves as the central management system for all power routed throughout the home.

    Innovations in the management of home electrical use now make it possible for Denver area residents to gain better control over how power is used and utilized within their homes.

    Smart electrical panels utilize ethernet-connected solutions to allow for more efficient power management, providing you with reliable insights into power use, overuse, and opportunities to dial back.

    Denver Smart Circuit Breaker Installation

    Circuit breakers are a vital safety component of any residential electric system. Although a necessity for residential homes throughout the Denver metro area, electricity is not without its risks. Unintended electrical arcs, shorts, power surges and more can all result in damage to homes, personal property (such as computers or appliances), and can even pose a serious threat to safety. In fact, the Electrical Safety Foundation reports more than 51,000 electrical fires each year, resulting in over 500 deaths, 1400 injuries, and over $1.3 billion in property damage.

    Smart circuit breakers are engineered to intelligently identify a variety of electrical issues or malfunctions, and implement safe solutions to prevent damage or injury.


    The primary difference between a smart panel and your existing panel is the ‘brain’ or intelligence that collects data and then applies changes to your system from within the panel itself. This makes smart panels and breakers a cost-effective and versatile solution for a broad range of residential homes.


    Smart panels and breakers can be installed fast, resulting in less interference with your daily routine, and resulting in same or next-day improvements in performance, safety, energy efficiency, and reliability.

    Best of all, there is zero need to replace your existing wiring in order to work with a smart panel and/or breaker.



    Although not ‘smart’ by itself, Leviton panels and breakers are ideal for connecting to a smart data hub, transforming an otherwise high-quality unit into a more versatile, customizable, and efficient system.

    Frequent Performance Updates Pushed Through WiFi

    Known for its innovative approach to residential electricity, Leviton frequently updates its app and firmware to drive performance and offer more value to customers.

    Stylish Design

    Panel designs are modern and sleek, featuring a clean white design that is compatible with a broad range of architectural styles and home décor. Similarly, natural grey options are available for outdoor panels.

    Generous Warranty

    Leviton offers a generous 1-year parts warranty and 5-year labor warranty offered through APower Electric for customers who opt for smart panel installation.

    Exceptional Safety Ratings

    At the forefront of performance and safety, Leviton’s GFCI breakers exceed UL requirements, making its products safer than many other brands on the market.

    Smart Panel = Smarter Homeowners

    Knowledge Is Power and a Smart Panel Gives You Knowledge about Your Power

    Why is the electric bill so high this month? Why are my breakers tripping so often? Both of those *and more* are questions that can be answered with a quick glance at your phone, if you had the Leviton Smart Load Center that is.

    The Leviton Load Center is a line of electrical panels that can be installed with new smart breakers that open a world of new opportunities when it comes to knowledge about your electrical usage. With the Leviton Smart Panel you can:

    • See real time energy usage broken down by individual circuit or as a whole.
    • View your energy usage trends broken down by day, week, month, or year.
    • Turn off circuit breakers remotely, from your phone!
    • See your current system status with real time updates
    • Detect if any circuits in your panel are overloaded
    • Get notifications when a breaker trips, which breaker it is, and why it tripped.
    • Know when a breaker is not drawing power for an extended period of time.
    • Get all of this and more! New features are release via remote app updates.

    Just think of the possibilities that a smart panel gives you as a homeowner, and the knowledge you would have about your power is priceless.

    Smart panels are customizable to your needs

    Another great advantage to installing a smart panel, is that you can customize the panel to your unique needs. The Leviton panel can be installed with a mixture of regular and smart breakers and regular breakers can be upgraded to smart breakers at a later date.

    You may not need to know the usage and data on every single breaker in your panel right now. Maybe you only want to know about power to your furnace, fridge and freezer. You can do that! Kids spending too much time in front of the TV before chores are finished? Install a smart breaker on the TV circuit and turn off that circuit from anywhere.

    Get Smart!

    The possibilities and opportunities with the Leviton Smart Panel are endless. Contact a qualified electrician today to learn about Leviton Load Centers and making your electrical panel smart.

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