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As full electrical service and support specialists, APower electricians are standing by to diagnose and repair any electrical problem you may have, from flickering lights, loss of power, a tripped breaker or more serious issues like electrical burning smell, sparking, or a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in need of repair. 

General Repair & Maintenance

APower’s expert technicians are available to conduct a variety of general repair and maintenance services. Even if your electrical system is working great, it is always a good idea to have it regularly serviced since electrical issues can go unseen behind walls and other surfaces. If you notice more visible manifestations of electrical problems such as sparks, power outages, or an electrical fire smell, our team will respond quickly, troubleshoot the problem, and maintain a safe living environment.

  • No problem is too big or too small for APower
  • Equipped to handle myriad repair and maintenance needs
  • Responsive and dedicated to keeping your electrical system operating properly

Tripping Breaker

A tripping breaker may be an indication that your electrical system is overloaded and may need to be upgraded in order to handle the current load. Short circuits and surges can also trip breakers. Contact APower for a home safety evaluation to determine whether your electrical system is safe and has the capacity to support your electrical needs. 

  • Identify the root cause of tripped breakers
  • Remove inconvenience from frequently tripped breakers
  • Protect appliances, circuits, and breakers from overheating and excessive damage

Loss of Power

We’ve all experienced the power going out. Usually, we simply assume that our neighbors are also experiencing the same thing due to weather or utility work gone awry. But what if your home is the only one without power? It can be a terrible feeling and inconvenient to say the least. If you find yourself in this scenario give us a call. We investigate the root cause of the power outage and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

  • Resume power to your home as quickly as possible
  • Investigate underlying causes contributing to the power outage
  • Implement solutions that protect agains future power interruptions

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may be an indication that something is wrong with your outlets or wiring. It may be a short in the wiring, loose wiring, or a sign that the outlet simply can’t keep up with the electrical demands of your lighting. Flickering lights in part of the house, or the whole house may signal an increased risk of fire if left unchecked. Contact a professional to evaluate the situation which can be rooted inside the home, or outside at the meter or main service.

  • Put an end to flickering lights in specific areas of the home, or across the entire home
  • Promote the safety of your home while preventing electrical fires

Electrical Burning Smell

If you smell a suspicious electrical burning smell, it’s safest to call the fire department immediately, then call an electrician. Ignoring such a smell puts your family and your home at risk. If you can detect the source of the smell turn off the breaker to that part of the house or  respective appliance. We will send an electrician to take a closer look at your electrical system. Once we’ve determined the source of the smell, we can work to remedy the situation and make sure your electrical system is in working order and safe. 

  • Address the situation immediately. It may save your home, and even the lives of the ones you love
  • Fix the culprit of the smell while removing risk of future fires


Outlets that are sparking or getting hot are a common sign and symptom of a larger electrical concern. Call an electrician as soon as possible if this is happening in your Denver-area home. The heat can cause fires in the walls behind your outlets and it always best to have a professional investigate the situation to determine if any other underlying causes may be resulting in electrical sparking. Prolonged, frequent sparking may lead to an emergency situation requiring a call to your local fire department. 

  • Troubleshoot the cause of sparking
  • Replace any wiring, circuits, or outlets contributing to the problem
  • Examine overall health of electrical system to prevent future issues

Emergency Service

It’s often impossible to predict when a catastrophic electrical issue might occur. Especially in homes where the electrical system has not been inspected and maintained on a regular basis. At APower we understand. We respond as soon as possible toemergency situations that occur during our hours of operation. We provide an honest assessment of the situation and go to work solving the issue to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to the homeowner.

  • Responsive and experienced in myriad emergency electrical situations
  • Keep power interruptions and inconveniences to a minimum

GFCI Repair

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) devices help decrease the risk of electrocution and are installed in specific areas of your home or as a breaker in your panel. A GFCI receptacle that is damaged or worn out may still continue to function as a working receptacle even though it is no longer providing ground fault protection. APower’s electricians are able to install, test, and repair GFCI devices to make sure your electrical systems can function at the safest and most effective levels.

  • Resume a higher level of safety, particularly in areas where water is present
  • Protect valuable appliances and devices from electrical shorts and electrical damage

Aluminum Wiring Repair

Faulty or poorly installed wiring is one of the biggest causes of preventable electrical house fires. Aluminum wiring in particular, can pose an additional fire risk. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), homes built and wired with aluminum wiring before 1972 were 55 times more likely to have wire connections considered fire hazards than similar homes wired with copper. If your home was built between 1965 and the mid 1970’s an APower electrician can take a thorough look at the wiring in your home to determine if any aluminum wiring is present. We will remove or repair any aluminum wiring present to decrease fire hazards to make your home safer.. 

  • Decrease additional risk of electrical fires
  • Our method is safe, permanent, and approved by the U.S. CPSC

Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lights are typically powered by 30 volts of electricity or less. The lower voltage makes these types of lighting easier to install and make them an ideal choice for outdoor and landscape lighting applications. An added bonus is enhanced bulb life. APower provides a variety of repair and maintenance services dedicate to low voltage lighting. We can also advise on how to best utilize this type of lighting around your home to brighten things up with out significant drain to your power supply. 

  • Easy to install and easy to maintain
  • Ideal for outdoor use with longer bulb life and durability
  • Low voltage risk of electrocution or fire

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