Smart Panel = Smarter Homeowners

June 29, 2021

Knowledge Is Power and a Smart Panel Gives You Knowledge about Your Power

Why is the electric bill so high this month? Why are my breakers tripping so often? Both of those *and more* are questions that can be answered with a quick glance at your phone, if you had the Leviton Smart Load Center that is.

The Leviton Load Center is a line of electrical panels that can be installed with new smart breakers that open a world of new opportunities when it comes to knowledge about your electrical usage. With the Leviton Smart Panel you can:

  • See real time energy usage broken down by individual circuit or as a whole.
  • View your energy usage trends broken down by day, week, month, or year.
  • Turn off circuit breakers remotely, from your phone!
  • See your current system status with real time updates
  • Detect if any circuits in your panel are overloaded
  • Get notifications when a breaker trips, which breaker it is, and why it tripped.
  • Know when a breaker is not drawing power for an extended period of time.
  • Get all of this and more! New features are release via remote app updates.

Just think of the possibilities that a smart panel gives you as a homeowner, and the knowledge you would have about your power is priceless.

Smart panels are customizable to your needs

Another great advantage to installing a smart panel, is that you can customize the panel to your unique needs. The Leviton panel can be installed with a mixture of regular and smart breakers and regular breakers can be upgraded to smart breakers at a later date.

You may not need to know the usage and data on every single breaker in your panel right now. Maybe you only want to know about power to your furnace, fridge and freezer. You can do that! Kids spending too much time in front of the TV before chores are finished? Install a smart breaker on the TV circuit and turn off that circuit from anywhere.

Get Smart!

The possibilities and opportunities with the Leviton Smart Panel are endless. Contact a qualified electrician today to learn about Leviton Load Centers and making your electrical panel smart.

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