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APower is a commercial lighting authority, from industrial facilities to office spaces, sporting venues, parking lots, signage, restaurants, retail stores and more. Our expert, licensed electricians specialize in commercial lighting design, application, installation, and retrofits to save your business time and money.

LED Lighting Retrofit

Retrofitting a building’s old lighting system with new LED technology promotes energy efficiency and can significantly modernize the look and temperature of light. LED lighting enhances common areas and workspaces by producing vivid, natural-feeling light, and promotes safety and security in outdoor areas such as parking lots. LED lights last far longer and require less maintenance than conventional incandescent and fluorescent lightbulbs. LED systems also offer opportunities for customization such as dimming and enhanced lighting controls.

One misconception is that an LED lighting retrofit requires replacement of all lighting fixtures and ancillary structural equipment. However, this is seldom the case. Many kits are designed to use existing fixtures and other system components to accommodate LED bulbs. Additionally, rebates and incentives may be available to offset retrofit costs, while return on investment from energy cost savings begins on day one.

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