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The electric panel is the heart of any electric service. As our demand for electricity increases, so too does the need for electrical panels capable of handling this additional power. APower’s electricians will evaluate the safety and capacity of your electric panel, and to upgrade your panel to ensure your home or business can meet these additional demands. About Your Electric Panel

Meter / Mast

The electric meter and mast work to bring electricity to your home. Want to know how it works? When an electrical utility generates power, the electricity is transmitted to your home through wires. Next, the mast helps to create a connection point with your home with above ground or below ground wires. Once a power connection exists to your home, the meter measures how much electricity is consumed.

Ensuring that the mast and meter are working properly and meet specific regulations is crucial. This type of work is complex and dangerous and requires a professional. APower has vast experience repairing and replacing mast and meter systems to guarantee that power is making its way to your home safely and efficiently. We provide the following mast and meter services:

  • Ensure that electricity from the utility is connected to your home.

  • Maintain a safe and efficient connection to the utility electrical source.

  • Comply with code regulations pertaining to conductor wiring.

Sub Panels

Sub panels are small panels used to distribute electricity to specific parts of your home, a new addition to your home, or even another structure such as a garage or workshop. Sub panels offer a safe solution when all of the breaker slots in the main service panel are filled by shouldering some of the power burden by supplying power to lights, outlets and appliance circuits.

  • Extend power to specific parts of a home or even another building.

  • Can be installed in a different room or building than the main service panel.

  • Promotes safety and prevents crowding of main service panel breaker box.

Arc Fault Circuit Breakers

Arc faults are unintended electrical arcs that produce high, intense heat, creating a fire hazard. Arc Fault Circuit Interruptor (AFCI) Breakers are equipped to detect and protect your circuits and devices from these dangerous arc faults.

  • Prevent your wiring against arcing

  • Prevent fire hazards


Grounding prevents short circuits or sparks that can lead to catastrophic electrical fires. A comprehensive grounding system provides a pathway for an electrical current to return to “ground” if it ever deviates from the electrical wiring, and prevents hot currents from running through wood, piping, or other combustible materials. Grounding is vital in older homes because most don’t have a grounding system installed, or use outdated materials other than bare copper.

  • Better protect against short circuits, sparking and fires

  • Gain peace of mind, while promoting safety

Whole House Surge Protection

APower suggests a two-tiered surge protection system, consisting of of a whole house surge protection device installed at the electrical panel, and a quality plug-in surge protective device on individual outlets to provide additional protection. 

  • Protect your electrical system against lightning strikes

  • Avoid damage to electronics, appliances and systems from power surges

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on most systems

Maintenance Schedule

Because a home’s electrical system hidden behind walls, people often mistakenly believe that it does not require ongoing preventative maintenance. However, preventative maintenance is important in promoting the health of a home’s electrical system. Regular inspections can often extend the lifespan of key components, promote safety, and protect the valuable appliances, equipment, and devices that consume electricity in your home.

  • Proactively address issues before they become problems

  • Ensure safety and reduce failure rate of key electrical components

  • Improve energy efficiency while protecting electronic equipment, appliances and devices

Electrical Mapping

Identifying the source of an electrical problem can be frustrating and downright time consuming without a map of your electrical system. APower strongly recommends that every home have an electrical map. This map is a valuable tool which identifies circuits for the electrical locations throughout your home, and can reveal load issues that may be present on existing circuits. . About Electrical Mapping

  • Understand your electrical system’s layout

  • Easily identify a tripped breaker

  • Identify electrical problems quickly

  • Ensure your electrical system is safely able to meet your demands

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