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Whether it's in our homes or businesses, all too often we take for granted the safety and reliability of our electric service. Hidden from sight within our walls is a complex system of outlets, wires and switches delivering the electricity we need to power the electronics, appliances and machinery that makes our modern lives possible. When we flip a switch or plug into an outlet, we simply expect our electric service to work. We assume our electric service is safe and rarely even give it a second thought. The truth is most us simply aren't certain our electric service is safe until tragedy strikes.


Electrical House Fire According to the National Fire Protection Agency, between 2001 and 2007 an average of roughly 48,000 home fires and 10,000 business fires in the U.S. each year were caused by electrical failure or malfunction. These fires unfortunately claim in excess of 600 lives each year and result in thousands of injuries. While there are a number of factors that can cause an electrical fire, the majority of electrical fires are preventable.

At APower Electric Service, we believe you should never have to assume the electric service in your home or businesses is safe. You deserve the peace of mind of actually knowing it's safe and it's this belief that drives everything we do. Our team of experienced, friendly, insured and licensed electricians is dedicated to ensuring every job they do, whether it's your home or your business, meets and exceeds safety guideline and requirements set out by the National Electrical Code (NEC). In addition, we require all of our electricians to stay current on the latest updates to the NEC in order to guarantee your electric service is as safe as possible.


When it comes to the safety and security of your home or business, it's almost impossible to know whom to trust, especially when hiring a contractor such as a plumber, painter or electrician. The news media is filled with reports of unethical contractors who have taken advantage of a customer's trust. Our friends, families and co-workers also have their fair share of contractor horror stories to share. Add to this the stream of online contractor referral websites that have sprung up in recent years and finding a contractor you can trust can quickly turn into a frustrating and confusing process that can leave you even more hesitant than when you started.

When master electrician John Oxford founded APower Electric Service, it was crucial that in addition to being committed to safety, APower Electric Service also dedicated itself to exemplifying only the highest level of personal and professional integrity. To do this, he built APower Electric Service on six core values that have been essential in his own life:

  • Fairness

  • Objectivity

  • Respect

  • Compassion

  • Empathy

  • Trust

Together these six core values form integrity, create the basis of APower Electric Service and guide everything we do. It is this devotion that has earned us the trust of customers all across Denver and the Front Range and the respect of our peers.


APower Electric Service prides itself on the diverse and wide-ranging experience of its team of fully licensed and insured electricians. While most of our competitors service only residential, commercial or industrial electric service, at APower Electric Service we are qualified and experienced to service all three. With over 15 years of experience, master electrician, and APower Electric Service founder John Oxford, has worked in nearly all aspects of the electric service field and tackled almost every project imaginable, both large and small. His carefully selected team of electricians is also extremely knowledgeable and proficient in residential, commercial and industrial electrical service.

A few of the services the APower Electric Service team can help you with:

Serving the Greater Denver Metro Area and outlying areas, APower Electric Service also offers 24/7 emergency service, easy to understand estimates, and fast, friendly and dependable service that is second to none.

When it comes to your electric service needs don't rely on a large, faceless electric service company that puts their profits above your safety. Don't trust the recommendation of contractor referral websites or family, friends or co-workers that claim "They know a guy." Don't risk the safety of your home, your family or your business to anyone that wouldn't work on or repair your electric service as they would their own. Most importantly, don't simply take our word on it.

Contact APower Electric Service today and experience for yourself the peace of mind of knowing your electric service issues are in the hands of a team of highly qualified, licensed and insured electricians known for their outstanding customer service and professional integrity. It will be the best decision you've ever made, guaranteed.

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