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The third largest community in Colorado, Aurora is home to nearly 340,000 hard working Coloradans and countless commercial and industrial businesses both large and small. This growing, mostly suburban city surpassed Denver in land area according to the 2000 U.S Census and is well on its way to becoming the second largest city in Colorado. Aurora’s rapid growth and weather patterns, however, make it prone to frequent power outages as well as power surges which are not only disruptive, but can also cause serious damage to electric device and equipment. This costs residents and businesses thousands. If you live or own a business in Aurora, you don’t have to live with these costly electrical issues. The professionals at APower offer a variety of solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Backup Generators

All across the nation more and more people are having backup power generators installed in their homes and businesses. Depending on the amount of power required, these units can vary from small air conditioner sized units able to provide minimal power for the standard home, to tractor trailer sized units capable of powering an entire manufacturing facility. Regardless of their size, power rating or fuel source, all backup generator systems work relatively the same way. Powered by natural gas, gasoline, propane or diesel fuel, backup generators are connected to your home or business’s electric panel. They continually monitor the power coming into your home and automatically start generating electricity when it detects a power failure. Once power has been restored, the backup generator will shut itself off until it is needed again.


Home backup generators may seem like a luxury item to some, however given the increase in weather related power failures many are finding them a wise investment. Home backup generators help power refrigerators and freezers keeping hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars in food from going bad. They provide power for space heaters or small air conditioning units to protect homeowners and their families from extreme temperatures. Backup generators also help keep homeowners and their families safe during power outages by powering lights and other security systems to deter looting or other crimes. Most importantly, they provide power to electronic devices so homeowners can stay informed about any storms in the area.


Backup generators are often relied on by businesses and services that depend on consistent electric service including:

  • Emergency services such as hospitals, police and fire departments
  • Refineries, mining and manufacturing facilities
  • Data centers
  • Stores
  • Gas stations
  • News media

When you consider that power failures cost U.S. businesses as much as $164 billion each year, and that this cost is expected to continue to increase commercial backup generators, especially in areas like Aurora, Colorado where power failures are so common, are an investment business owners simple can’t afford to ignore.

Whether you are looking to have a backup generator installed for your home or business, need to upgrade or expand your existing electric service, or are experiencing problems with your existing electric service, APower has you covered. Our experienced, friendly and dependable team of licensed and insured electricians have been helping to provide homeowners and businesses in Aurora and all across the Front Range with safe dependable electric service for more than 5 years. When it comes to the safety of your home, your family or your business don’t trust just anyone; contact APower and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your electric service is safe and reliable.


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