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    Battery Back-Up

    Safer than noisy, dangerous generators, battery back-up for solar power ensures that you have clean, safe energy at your fingertips in case of blackout, outage or other energy emergency.

    EV Charging

    Driving an electric vehicle takes you out of the volatile gas pricing market and reduces carbon emissions. All you need is a safe, reliable, high-voltage charging point to re-charge at the end of the day.

    Energy Efficiency

    Let APower help you diagnose the areas of your home or office that could be made more energy efficient with renewables and alternative energy sources to eliminate energy waste and save you money.

    Energy Management

    Go “off-the-grid” with a custom, self-sustained energy system that removes reliance on a utility. Using a combination of storage and energy sources, energy management microgrids give you complete control over your energy.


    The amount you’ll receive in credit for solar purchases (including labor costs, equipment, and installation) guaranteed by the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).


    The average additional premium home buyers are willing to pay for an 3.6 kilowatts/3,600 watts system over similar homes without solar.


    The average annual solar growth since the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was enacted in 2006.

    About Renewable Energy

    Abundant, clean and environmentally friendly, renewable energy uses natural resources like the sun, wind, and rain to create sustainable energies that don’t deplete. Over time, renewable energies like solar energy lower your carbon footprint and improve your financial health by increasing home value and lowering your power costs almost immediately.

    Tax Credit & Rebates

    To encourage the adoption of clean, renewable solar energy, federal and state governments offer plenty of incentives. At the forefront is the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), a 30% tax credit for residential and commercial solar systems. Some states also allow energy users to earn and sell Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) for the energy their systems generate. Many states also offer sales and property tax exemptions as well as cash rebates. More information on the tax incentives available to you can be found at http://www.dsireusa.org/.

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    Get a fast and easy quote for your electrical project today!